Single Langmuir Probe

The Impedans Single Langmuir Probe System is a simple to use, powerful diagnostic tool for measuring key plasma parameters in low and medium pressure plasma discharges.

The Impedans Single Langmuir Probe measures key plasma parameters with unrivalled accuracy and repeatability. Featuring the most advanced technology available, it is widely accepted as the most accurate and trusted commercial Langmuir Probe. Adding to its accuracy and reliability, it also has the fastest time resolution available (12.5ns), making it the clear instrument of choice to support and aid development of the ever growing range of pulsed plasma technologies.

Single Langmuir Probe Plasma Diagnostic

The Impedans Single Langmuir Probe is a precision plasma measurement instrument used in a wide range of plasma laboratory applications. The Langmuir Probe is the key instrument used by scientists to measure the internal parameters of the bulk of the plasma.

The Single Langmuir Probe Measures the following parameters in real time:

- Floating potential, Vf
- Plasma potential, Vp
- Electron density, Ne
- Ion density, Ni
- Electron temperature, kTe
- Electron energy distribution function (EEDF)

The Single Langmuir Probe provides plasma parameter measurement in DC, RF, Microwave, Continuous and Pulsed plasma.

It has the most advanced technology on the market and analyses ion and electron trajectories to obtain accurate measurements of the real plasma parameters in a wide range of plasma applications and is widely accepted as being the fastest and most reliable Langmuir Probe in the world (time resolution 12.5ns). In addition to speed and reliability,  it provides the most advanced and trusted, fully automated data analysis in real time.

The Single Langmuir Probe is used to establish plasma process repeatability. It helps the user to understand plasma changes and the impact on surface treatment. It is an essential plasma process diagnostic to understand the correlation between plasma inputs and the plasma state, reduces process and tool development time, and also reduces time to market for new plasma products. Pulsed plasmas are frequently used to tailor the electron or ion energy and the Single Langmuir Probe is an integral part of their process development.

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