Semion800, Retarding Field Ion Energy Analyser & Ion Flux Probe

The Semion 800 is a retarding field ion energy analyser for the measurement of ion fluxes and ion energy at the surface in a wide range of plasma systems. It can perform both measurements equally on grounded or biased surfaces.

The Semion 800 features unique replaceable retarding field energy analyser sensors and is a fundamental plasma diagnostic instrument in a wide variety of applications.

Plasma retarding field ion energy and flux analyser

The Semion 800 is a precision plasma measurement instrument used in a large number of plasma laboratory applications. The Semion 800 is the key instrument used by scientists to measure the ion energy and flux arriving at a surface in a plasma process chamber.

The Semion 800 can be placed on a biased or grounded surface. Among the key parameters measured are Ion Energy, Ion Flux, Electron Energy, Plasma Potential and Floating Potential. The Semion 800 provides plasma parameter measurement in DC, RF, Microwave, Continuous and Pulsed plasma. The Semion 800 is the most advanced and trusted, fully automated retarding field energy analyser on the market.

The Semion 800 helps the user to understand plasma surface interactions, such as deposition mechanisms, etch mechanisms and energy transfer mechanisms, due to plasma ions impacting on the surface. It is an essential plasma process diagnostic to understand the correlation between plasma inputs and the plasma state. The Semion 800 helps to reduce process development, source development and tool development time, as well as the time to market for new plasma products. Pulsed plasmas are used to tailor the electron or ion energy and the Semion 800 is an integral part of such a process development.

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