Benchtop Gas Analysis

Our range of benchtop gas analysis systems comprise purpose built mass spectrometers with application specific inlets and interfaces for on-line monitoring and analysis of gases, gas mixtures, vapours and dissolved gases in liquids.

They are ideal for R&D, process monitoring and control in catalysis studies, thermogravimetric analyis (TGA coupling),  membrane studies, fermentation process monitoring and thermal analysis etc.

Gas compositions can be measured over a wide dynamic range (ppt to 100%) with a wide range of sampling inlets to suit every application requirement. Versions are available with single inlet, 4, 8 or 16 way inlet.


Cirrus2 TGA Mass Spectrometer:

TGA - Mass Spectrometer (TGA - MS) with hardware and software coupling to all major TGA manufacturer's thermal analysis instruments. Also suitable for coupling to microreactors and other thermal analysis equipment.



General Purpose Benchtop Atmospheric Inlet Mass Spectrometer:

Benchtop atmospheric inlet gas analysis system with precision triple filter mass spectrometer and closed ion source. Heated vacuum chamber and oil free pumping system ensures highest accuracy for low level organic species analysis. Application specific options for optimised operation where gas streams contain significant amounts of light gases. Ideal for TGA coupling, fermentation, environmental gas analysis, catalysis etc

Multi-Inlet Benchtop Atmospheric Inlet Mass Spectrometer:

Mutli stream inlet version of the standard benchtop atmospheric inlet mass spectrometer. Monitor multiple points or streams with recipe driven stream selection. Perform Spatially Resolved Capillary Inlet MS measurements (SpaciMS). The standard unit includes a comprehensive digital and analogue I/O subsystem for task automation, safety interlocks and start up/shut down via a single button.



Quantitative Gas Analyser - MAX300-LG:

The MAX300-LG is a fully automated Quantitative Gas Analyser for complex gas mixture analysis over the full dynamic range 100% to <10ppb with the highest possible precision and with cycle times of <300msec per component.

Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer MAX300-LG MIMS:

The MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyser (MIMS) is a fully automated Quantitative Gas Analysis system with a temperature controlled Membrane Introduction Inlet for fast and repeatable analysis of gases and dissolved gases in liquids at the parts-per-trillion level.



Bench Top Atmospheric Inlet Mass Spectrometer for Fuel Cells:

For applications where accurate discrimination of varying CO/N2 species is particularly important. The Cirrus-NDIR extends the functionality of the base Cirrus model with the addition of a fully integrated non-dispersive infra-red CO analyser. The Cirrus-NDIR is the instrument of choice for the most demanding fuel cell, catalysis and combustion applications.

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