Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Plasma Systems

Benchtop reactive ion etch configuration.

Reactive ion etching is commonly used in semiconductor/microsystem fabrication to create the small structures that are required for device operation:

Our range of plasma systems may be equipped with reactive ion etching electrode configuration and optional temperature control providing an extremely cost effective lab scale system for research and production prototyping.

plasma etch schematic

reactive ion etching

Ion etch:

  • isotropic etch
  • no preferred etch direction
  • substrate typically sits on grounded electrode

 Reactive ion etch:

  • anisotropic etch
  • highly directional etch direction
  • substrate sits on RF powered electrode

Reactive Ion Etch Configuration:

  • Parallel plate electrode
  • RF powered sample electrode
  • Optional temperature control

reactive ion etch plasma

We offer free consultation, initial proof of concept treatment services and also rental units.

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Further detailed information can be found in our icon Introduction to Plasma Processing (3.45 MB).

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