Plasma Treatment: Surface Activation of Composites

Plasma treatment for the activation of aerospace & automotive composites and general plastics prior to bonding.

Plasma treatment systems are used to significantly improve the adhesion of aerospace and automotive composites and general plastics. The use of an ionised gas (plasma) enables you to modify or clean existing surfaces even with very complex geometries and materials (plastics, metals, ceramics or composites).

Plasma Treated Composites

Plasma Treatment Applications:

  • activation of composites prior to bonding and lacking
  • cleaning of PCB prior to top coat and encapsulation
  • cleaning of accelerometer sensors, piezo elements, gyroscopes
  • electronic connectors prior to encapsulation
  • flame retardant coatings
  • coatings into the mass of open-cellular structures (foams)

Plasma Treatment for R&D/small parts scale:

We offer a range of plasma ctreatment systems specifically for R&D or activation of small parts/batches. Different plasma treatment units can be supplied with trays, drum, or roll to roll mechanisms. Internal capacities range from the compact benchtop 'Femto' system with a 2L plasma treatment chamber, to the 150L 'Tetra' system.

  • options for manual, semi-auto and full auto/ PC control
  • automated monitoring of all process parameters
  • operator/process and maintenance level security
  • Ultra-High Purity (UHP) configurations
  • wide range of sample introduction options including multiple shelves, powder and small part containers, drums and roll-to-roll feeds
  • customised systems

Single Button and Touchscreen Control Options

Automatic Plasma Control Touchscreen Control

Software Control Option

Plasma Treatment Software 1

Graphical display of system status & current process steps

Plasma Treatment Software 2

Configure up to 100 recipes with multiple process steps

Plasma Treatment Software 3

Live parameter data display & alarms

Industrial/high throughput/large scale parts:

Our industrial scale plasma treatment systems have been developed to treat large parts or cases where high throughputs are needed. Specific models are offered with bespoke loading arrangements based on your specific requirements.

We have delivered industrial plasma treatment systems (such as the one opposite) with internal capacities up to 12,600 litres.

Femto 2L Plasma Treatment System

'Femto' Benchtop 2L Capacity

Pico 5L Plasma Treatment System

'Pico' Benchtop 5L Capacity

Nano 24L Plasma Treatment System

'Nano' Benchtop 24L Capacity

Tetra 50L Plasma Treatment System

'Tetra' 30L-150L Capacity

Industrial Scale Medical Plastics Plasma Treatment System

We offer free consultation and initial proof of concept plasma treatment services as well as rental systems.

For additional information on these services, if you have any questions, or to request a quotation, please contact us.

Detailed product & application information is available in our document, icon Introduction to Plasma Processing (3.45 MB).

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