Plasma Treatment and Plasma Cleaning

We supply a range of vacuum plasma cleaners and atmospheric plasma treatment devices. These pages are a summary of our website dedicated to plasma treatment where you can find much more detailed information about individual plasma effects;

Plasma Cleaning | Plasma Surface Activation | Plasma Coatings | Plasma Etching

Plasma cleaners are used to clean and to modify the surfaces of materials such as PDMS, glass, ceramics, metals, PCBs, microscope sample holders etc.

Advantages of Plasma Cleaning

Plasma cleaning takes just minutes, is inherently environmentally friendly and does not affect the material properties in any other way.

Plasma cleaning can usually replace one or more ineffective and inefficient wet cleaning steps with an inherently clean and repeatable one.

Plasma cleaning provide a clear competitive advantage by introducing a low cost, high value added property to your product.

What We Offer

Our plasma cleaners are available in various sizes and configurations to meet different requirements, from small bench-top systems (about the size of a conventional microwave oven), for occasional and R&D use, through to fully automated production systems for high throughput tasks.

We also provide the following services:

- free of charge initial proof of concept sample treatments

- sub-contract treatment service

- off the shelf short term rental systems

- full method development service

Our Customers

Our customers are as varied as the materials that can be treated with plasma technology and include industrial production/R&D in the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, semiconductor, textile and food & packaging industries to name but a few as well as governmental and university research departments.



Plasma Cleaners, Plasma Cleaning:

Plasma cleaners for ultra-fine surface preparation offer an alternative to solvent (e.g. trichloroethylene) cleaning, degreasing and desmearing.



Atmospheric Plasma Treatment:

For local plasma surface pretreatments.

Plasma cleaning of SEM/TEM Samples/Holders:

Ultra-fine plasma cleaning of samples and sample holders for electron microscopy.


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