Residual Gas Analysers for Vacuum Processing

Process Residual Gas Analysers measure process gases, residual gases and contaminants from a wide range of vacuum processing pressures.

The range includes the latest smart head technology delivering real-time on line analysis for vacuum diagnostics and process control in etching, thin film deposition (PVD and CVD) and plasma modification processes.

The differentially pumped analyser range is also complimented with our range of high pressure residual gas analysers.


Vision 2000-B RGA: Residual Gas Analysers for General Vacuum Diagnostics:

Vision 2000-B residual gas analyser is the analysers of choice for vacuum diagnostics, chamber pumpdown and baseline characteristics.



Vision 2000-P RGA: Residual Gas Analyser for PVD:

Application specific residual gas analysers for PVD. Automated GO/NO-GO status based on ppb level detection of contaminants. Field proven routines will alarm on, and suggest causes for, common residual gas problems in PVD processes.

Vision 2000-E RGA: Residual Gas Analyser for Etch Processes:

Application specific residual gas analysers for reactive ion etch, high density etch, plasma etch and microwave etching.



Vision 2000-C RGA: Residual Gas Analyser for CVD:

Accurate, precise residual gas analysis identification & tracking in chamber clean, passivation sequences and deposition steps for various CVD processes.

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