Custom Vacuum and Thin Film Deposition Systems:

Custom vacuum systems and custom thin film deposition systems for a wide range of applications, including research/production prototype Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), Pulsed Laser Deposition, DC, RF and Pulsed DC Magnetron Sputtering & bespoke systems for atomic and molecular physics/chemistry.

Multi-Technique UHV Surface Analysis Systems:

Our custom, multi-technique UHV systems combine a wide range of thin film deposition/growth and UHV surface analysis techniques into a single, versatile system that doesn't cost the earth. Available as both bespoke turnkey systems, such as our standalone UHV TPD Station, and as modular add-on's to extend the capabilities of existing equipment, they are the centre piece of any laboratory. Fully automated sample handling and transfer between introduction, preparation and analysis chambers is combined with a wide range of options for precise sample heating and cooling.

UHV Surface Science Instruments:

State of the art analytical instruments for UHV, vacuum and surface science applications.

UHV Manipulators and UHV Sample Transfer:

Multi-axis vacuum UHV manipulators with up to 6 degrees of freedom, manual or motorised and with a wide range of temperature controlled sample holders. Full range of vacuum UHV manipulators, z-shifts, linear and rotary feedthroughs and xy stages.

UHV Accessories:

Accessories for UHV systems including LED illumination and bakeout control.

Vacuum System Controllers:

Low cost, fully integrated and interlocked vacuum system controllers (temperature, ion gauge, pumps, instruments) that can be used with third party existing equipment.

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