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  • UHV sample heater power supply promotion

UHV sample heater power supply promotion

  • Heat3-PS UHV sample heater power supply available with additional power module for independent zones or higher output in a single zone

    • Henniker Scientific PREVAC HEAT3 PS RES promotion

    The Heat3-PS is a dual mode (resistive and electron bombardment) sample heater power supply operated by a completely intuitive touch screen interface and with optional software control application. The unit is equipped with a PID temperature controller.

  • The ramp heating function controls sample temperature to protect the sample from damage. Sample overheating can also be protected by setting the voltage and current limits. The unit can be operated in auto mode (with temperature control) or manual mode (without temperature control).
  • UHV sample heating
  • effusion cell heating control
  • sample holder heating
  • thermal monitoring
  • high performance


Promotion sticker 2019

  • Now when you order the HEAT3-PS with resistive module you will receive the second DC module at no extra cost!
  • The DC module in HEAT-3PS provides more power for resistive heating: 45 V, 17 A. As an option, the second DC module is available for two resistive heating zones with independent control (45 V, 17 A for each one), or one resistive heating zone with higher output power (90 V, 17 A or 45 V, 30 A).

  • Contact us today for more information on the current promotion which is available until 30th June 2019.




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