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UHV Analytical Systems for XPS UPS ARPES

  • Discover the possibilities using our custom UHV Analytical Systems for XPS UPS & ARPES.

    Our UHV Analytical systems combine innovative solutions with precise UHV technology, introducing unique possibilities in materials science investigation.
  • The XPS/UPS/ARPES systems use either X-ray source RS40B1 and UV source UVS40A2 (depending on the application) to excite electrons from the surface. The X-ray Source 40B1 has maximum X-ray power Al: 600 W / Mg: 400 W. The UV source has a light capillary of less than 1.5 mm dia. with a high-intensity flux of more than 1E16 photons/s*sr and <1° beam divergence. It can operate with various gases: helium, neon, krypton, argon, xenon or hydrogen. It can also be adapted to laser and synchrotron light. For multi-technique surface studies, the system is equipped with a hemispherical analyzer with energy resolution less than 1.5 meV and angular resolution of 0.05°. The analyzer may be equipped with 2D or 3D spin detectors. We offer several other sources of excitation and charge neutralization. The analytical part of the system is constructed exclusively from the non-magnetic materials.
    For more information on these systems visit our product page here Systems for XPS UPS ARPES
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