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  • Advanced UHV High Pressure XPS systems

Advanced UHV High Pressure XPS systems

  • Presenting our high-pressure range of systems for XPS analysis

    Our range of systems combine innovative solutions with precise UHV technology, enabling unique possibilities in materials science investigation.
  • UK Surface Analysis Forum Henniker Scientific Event 2020

    Electron Analyser Models

  • EA15-HP5 Analyser - from UHV up to 5mbar
  • EA15-HP50 Analyser - from UHV up to 50mbar


henniker scientific hemispherical energy analyser ea15 hp1

The Prevac EA15-HP1 Hemispherical Energy Analyser now allows high-resolution photoemission spectroscopy measurements in environments from UHV up to 5 mbar. See EA15-HP1 Hemispherical Energy Analyser specifications.

XPS5mbarspectra EA15HP1 energy analyser upgrade

Pictured above: Spectra of silver Ag3d peak, obtained by PREVAC EA15-HP1 analyser and PREVAC X-ray source RS 40B1 (HP version), from UHV up to 5mbar, excitation energy Al Kα 1486.6 eV, 400W

Pressure chart 5mbar EA15HP1 energy analyser upgrade

We also offer a set of spectroscopy instruments dedicated for XPS/UPS experiments in pressure range 5mbar - 10-10mbar, including PREVAC's X-Ray Source, UV Source or X-Ray Source with Monochromator.

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