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  • Substrate manipulators with RF BIAS

Substrate manipulators with RF BIAS

  • Substrate manipulators with RF BIAS dedicated for sputter deposition applications

    Hen Scientific - substrate manipulators

  • Modular, motorised manipulators, suitable for a range of R1 continuous substrate rotation and Z translation (additionally can be equipped with XY movement module).

    It is prepared to heat the substrate up to 1000°C with accuracy +/- 1°C. The station includes the substrate (standard up to 6-inch sample holder) positioner and allows precise angular position of the substrate in relation to linear shutter.


    The 1-4 axes motorised sputtering manipulator is designed for sputter deposition applications under ultra-high vacuum conditions, and for reactive sputtering. Heating is performed by resistive method. The manipulator can work in the vertical orientation.

    Manipulator for MBE applications:

    • Sample holders: plate style, PTS
    • Base pressure: 10-9 mbar (working pressure: ~10-2 mbar)

    For more information on our UHV Transfer and Manipulators range visit our dedicated 1-4 axes Sputtering Manipulators pages.

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