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  • New Thin Film Deposition Process Controller

New Thin Film Deposition Process Controller

  • New Deposition Process Controller DPC10

    New electronic unit for thin film deposition process controlling. The DPC10 can operate two independent sources/chambers at the same time.

    The DPC10 Deposition Process Controller is an advanced and complete electronic device designed for the physical vapor deposition process controlling. DPC10 monitors and controls the rate and thickness of thin film deposition. The rate and thickness of the deposition are calculated from the frequency change of the quartz placed in the process chamber. A user-programmed device can control the deposition process in a precise and repeatable manner. User interacts with unit via front panel touchscreen by selecting/entering parameters defining the process. The device executes any recipe created by the user with a graphical editor. In addition, DPC10 works with any voltage controlled deposition source power supply (via analogue interface) and can control substrate heating process.

    The complete system consists of a DPC10 main electronic unit, a vacuum gauge and TM13/14 thickness monitor for each quartz crystal.

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    Thin Film Deposition Process Controller

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