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Gas Analyser for Catalysis

Gas Analyser for Catalysis

Henniker Scientific Gas Analyser for Catalysis

The MAX300-CAT is a high-sensitivity, quantitative gas analyser for catalysis, reaction monitoring, and environmental research.

This powerful quadrupole system performs high precision quantitative analysis of every component in a gas or vapour mixture, and can be equipped for the fully-automated sampling of 61+ gas channels.

With the ability to track concentration changes from ppb levels to 100% and continuous data updates in seconds, the MAX300-CAT provides a compact, flexible platform optimised for gas reaction studies in catalysis, bioreactor control, process development, and environmental analysis. 

The Questor5 quantitative analysis software is easy to use, and can instantly calculate derived values from acquired data.  The inclusion of a wide range of communication protocols allows for seamless integration with benchtop reactors, thermal analyzers, or other lab equipment. 

The MAX300-CAT joins the ultra-sensitive MAX300-LG benchtop series, and the high-performance Veraspec gas anlaysers to provide a full range of gas analysis solutions for laboratory and research applications.

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