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X-Ray Source

X-Ray Source RS40-B1

The RS 40B1 X-Ray Source is a high intensity twin anode Al/Mg source optimized for XPS / ESCA and also High Pressure XPS experiments (option).

Design of the anode, filament and source housing guarantees maximum X-Ray intensity and very low crosstalk between the anode faces.

A specially configured nose cone allows maximum access to the sample. Twin anode used in standard source, allows for separated emission of two different characteristic X-radiation emission lines: Mg (1253 eV),
Al (1487 eV) – other coating materials on request.

  • Henniker Scientific X-Ray Source
  • XR40B X-Ray Source Emission Controller
  • Henniker Scientific X-Ray Source
  • XR40B X-Ray Source Emission Controller

X-Ray Source Electronics XR40B

The XR40B-SET comprises 3 units for full control of the X-Ray Source RS40B1: XR40B-EC emission controller, XRHV01-PS high voltage power supply and XRCB-02 Cooling Box. It has the capability to operate up to two x-ray sources.

The XR40B-EC unit controls the emission current of the x-ray source and also the XRHV01-PS high voltage power supply, displaying both high voltage and emission current on a single display. The XR40B-EC displayed emission current is the exact emission current, rather than the emission current derived from the high voltage power supply, which is a sum of the real emission and water leakage current of the cooling system. This combination allows very convenient and stable control of the X-ray source.

The unit stores information about summary anode working time and dissipated power. Communication with the cooling box is via fiber optic wire. The XRB40-SET has both operational and standby modes, guaranteeing the most accurate and stable emission at the start of an experiment. The XRCB02 cooling box delivers water cooling safely and efficiently to the anode and to the housing. It is fully interlocked, monitoring water pressure and flow, so that the instrument can only operate if fully safe to do so. The cooling box can accomodate up to two x-ray sources.

The XRCB-02 cooling box requires a water feed from a re-circulating chiller for correct operation. In addition to cooling the x-ray source the XRCB-02 may also be used to cool other vacuum system components such as turbo molecular pumps, electron beam evaporators, furnaces etc. Operation of the x-ray source is fully protected by water, vacuum, and x-ray tube cover interlocks.

If any interlock condition is not met, the source cannot be powered on. In addition to these three interlocked safety mechanisms, water leakage current is continuously monitored.



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