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Hemispherical Electron Analyser EA15-HP1

EA15-HP1 Analyser

henniker scientific hemispherical energy analyser ea15 hp1

The PREVAC EA15-HP1 hemispherical energy analyser, which is based on the EA15 analyser, allows due to special designed extraction cones and automatic vacuum control, high-resolution PES measurements in static and dynamic environments up to 3 mbar.

The analyser is equipped with a total number of 11 slits and offers the possibility to choose between best energy resolution and best intensity. According to given photoelectron energy the analyser is set up with up to 8 predefined PE to satisfy customer's requirements.


•    CCD-MCD detector

    - 40 mm diameter dual MCP detector  
    - 656 energy channels available simultanously
    - 494 angular channels available simultanously
    - 90 fps

DLD detector

•   7-MCD detector

Henniker scientific prevac EA15 HP1 Spectra Henniker scientific prevac EA15 HP1 Pressure Graph


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