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microCMA Compact Auger Analyzer

microCMA Compact Auger Analyser

henniker scientific RBD Instruments micro cmaThe microCMA is a non-scanning (imaging) cylindrical mirror analyzer designed for the many applications for AES that do not require scanning (imaging) capability. 
Those applications include analysis of:

  • Thin film composition
  • Passive oxide thicknesses in semiconductors and metals
  • Metal component thermal oxides
  • Integrated circuit contamination
  • Characterization of sputtered layers
  • Auger depth profiles of deposited layers
  • Quantization of light element surface films

Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the microCMA provides a complete quantitative surface sensitive elemental Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) analyzer package that mounts on a 2.75”/ 70 mm CF flange.

The USB interface and Windows acquisition and data massage software make it as simple to acquire AES data as it is to operate an RGA. The microCMA is Plug and Play Auger Spectroscopy made simple.


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