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Residual Gas Analysers

Residual Gas Analysers

Henniker Scientific Residual Gas Analysers

The Extrel RGA is a reliable, easy-to-use residual gas analyser that includes full range pressure measurement via the inclusion of a Pirani and ion gauge in a single instrument. It is the best performing RGA at an affordable price, which makes the system an ideal choice for background gas analysis, leak detection and vacuum chamber characterisation. 

The Extrel RGA is available in two mass ranges, 1 to 100 amu or 1 to 300 amu. The system comes standard with a Faraday detector or an optional dual Faraday/Electron Multiplier detector. 

The Extrel RGA utilizes RS-232C or USB communication with Windows® XP or 7 operating systems. The software is powerful and easy to use.

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