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Atomic Layer Injection

Atomic Layer Injection (ALI-1000)

Henniker Scientific Atomic Layer Injection

The most versatile technology for deposition of (bio and macro) molecules and nanoparticles into vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments.

The ALI (Atomic Layer Injection) is a liquid injection system that can be used to deposit a range of materials (molecules, nanoparticles, nanotubes) from solution or colloidal suspension. It is a technique particularly suited to the deposition of large or delicate molecules that degrade when heated and cannot be deposited by conventional means.


ALI uses a pulse valve to deposit macromolecules or nanoparticles from solution or colloidal suspension. The solution is introduced into the valve through a pre-injection system (red cube). A carrier gas (Argon) is then introduced, until the desired pressure is reached. The solution is then injected into the UHV chamber hosting the sample, and forms a spray. The solute travels within the microdrops and is freed without reacting with the solvent (or the carrier gas), and is finally deposited on the sample surface.

Each pulse is accompanied by a sharp rise in the chamber’s pressure that recovers within a few seconds. The graph on the left shows the typical pressure dependence during a pulse.


The ALI software and control unit provide an interface for controlling and monitoring the injection process.

Importantly, ALI incorporates safety features to protect the UHV and pumping systems from long periods of overpressure and to allow easily recovering nominal working pressure (~10-8mbar).

  • Actuation pressure limit: the valve will not trigger a pulse until the pressure has recovered below a set value pact
  • Pressure control: this feature automatically closes the valve if the chamber pressure goes above the set locking pressure plock, regardless of the open-time set by the user.

The software interface, pictured on the right, allows entering pulse parameters such as valve open-time, number of pulses and time between them, actuation and locking pressure, etc.

The system can be adapted to any UHV set-up. Optimal performance can be achieved by adjusting pulse frequency and duration, carrier gas pressure in the pre-injection system and distance from spray valve to sample.

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