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Electron Flood Gun

Electron Flood Gun FS40A1

Low cost electron flood gun for charge neutralisation of insulators or semiconductors in XPS/AES and SIMS applications.

The electron flood gun operates over two energy ranges, is fully software controlled and can also be supplied with custom insertion lengths (145 - 421 mm, othesr on request). Available shielding material options are  mu-metal or copper.

FS40A-PS Power Supply


The FS40A-PS power supply allows fine adjustment of all instrument parameters for achieving a wide range of beam profiles; no additional electronics are required. All adjustable parameters are displayed on the large, high brightness LCD display. All settings can be stored and recalled automatically after unit switch on, or else manually adjusted. The unit also features a built in timer and automatic standby mode. The FS40A-PS can be supplied as a full width 19” rack mounting unit (3U height) or free standing.

  • Henniker Scientific Electron Flood Gun
  • Henniker Scientific Electron Flood Gun FS40A PS
  • Henniker Scientific Electron Flood Gun
  • Henniker Scientific Electron Flood Gun FS40A PS

The unit is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet. Only one communication interface can be chosen at time of order (please refer to technical data table below) but this can be easily changed in the future via simple rear panel plugin connection modules, without ever having to access the internals of the unit.


The FS40A-PS power supply is designed for use with the FS40A1 Electron Flood Sources which are used for charge neutralization of insulator and semiconductor samples in XPS/AES and SIMS applications.


Full dedicated software application or library module.

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