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Plasma Cleaners

Plasma Cleaners

Henniker Scientific Plasma Cleaner Plasma Cleaning

We offer a range of benchtop barrel type plasma cleaners for surface cleaning and preparation. Plasma cleaning delivers an ultra-fine surface preparation with only air or oxygen as the process gas, although our range of cleaners is compatible with many other gases too. This means an inherently environmentally friendly technique with no waste chemicals, offering a real alternative to both aqueous and solvent-based cleaning techniques.


Advantages of Plasma Cleaning
  • Plasma cleaning takes just minutes, is inherently environmentally friendly and does not affect the material properties in any other way.
  • Plasma cleaning can usually replace one or more ineffective and inefficient wet cleaning steps with an inherently clean and repeatable one.

Our plasma cleaners are available in various sizes and configurations to meet different requirements, from small bench-top systems (about the size of a conventional microwave oven), for occasional and R&D use, through to fully automated production systems for high throughput tasks.

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