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Compact Sputter Deposition Systems

Compact Sputter Deposition Systems

Hen Scientific Compact Sputter Deposition Systems

PRIMS is an all-new compact yet feature-rich sputtering system for reproducible thin film deposition.

The sputter-down configuration features ports for three 2 inch magnetrons sputtering sources and the compact, turbomolecular-pumped process chamber delivers rapid pump down times. A manual throttle valve is included on the turbo pump and a full size chamber door facilitates easy target and sample changes. A dedicated quartz balance deposition rate monitor is included.

▪ Compact design
▪ Process chamber diameter: Ø 355 mm
▪ Ports for up to three 2" magnetron sources
▪ Internal shield against chamber contamination
▪ Base pressure range 10-7 mbar
▪ Fast turbo-molecular pumping system
▪ Substrate stage for up to 2" diameter samples
▪ Process chamber with full size vacuum door for easy target or substrate replacement


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