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Multi-Technique Deposition Systems

Multi-Technique Deposition Systems

Hen Scientific Cluster Deposition System

The system shown here is one example of a Prevac designed MBE multi-chamber growth system for metallic multi-layers. It features in-situ characterisation of sample magnetic properties, topography and crystallography. Standard option configurations are also available for other materials incuding organics and topological insulators for example and combinations that include PLD and sputtering modules are also common.

  • 10-11 mbar vacuum level
  • Semi-automatic transfer of 3" sample holders and smaller samples
  • 1400°C Heating of 3" sample holders in MBE chamber
  • 1700°C EB heating of smaller holders in the preparation chamber
  • MBE E-guns with closed loop control by RGA
  • Full software control of the MBE process
  • Ion assist prep chamber with 25 kV ion source with differential pumping
  • Low vibration design of the system, especially for SPM and MOKE
  • Independent intro for tips and samples for SPM
  • UHV Kerr effect analysis chamber
  • All process chambers with thermocouple and pyrometer temperature control
  • LCD visualisation of complete system status


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