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Sputter Deposition Systems

Sputter Deposition Systems

Hen Scientific Sputter Deposition Systems

Standalone UHV magnetron sputtering systems dedicated to accurate and reproducible thin film layer deposition. Configuration options to allow sputtering from both magnetic and non-magnetic target materials alike.

Features a quick change bottom mounted source flange that can be rapidly removed to either reconfigure sources or perform maintenance procedures. 

The source flange is available in a wide range of standard configurations with all sputtering sources or combinations of sputtering and thermal evaporation sources.

Sample stages can be supplied in various sizes and with a range of heating and cooling options.

Transferring system:

The chamber is equipped with a large, easy access vacuum door which is dual viton sealed with differential pumping in the seal interspace. This maintains an excellent base pressure whilst providing perfect internal access.

Wafers for sample up to 3’’ with different shapes.



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