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TPD Systems

Systems for Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD)

Henniker Scientific Custom UHV System EMIL

A stand-alone system intended for measuring adsorption/desorption of ultrathin films, capable of high precision temperature control over a wide temperature range.

  • One level TPD/TDS chamber with base pressure 1×10-9 mbar (spare ports available for additional components)
  • Equipped with quadrupole TDS 40A1 Thermal Desorption Spectrometer (Mass range up to 200 AMU) on Z shift for optimal detector positioning
  • Specially designed conical sampling end piece
  • 1-axis UHV manipulator with high precision temperature control over a wide temperature range (-170 °C to 1200 °C)
  • Computer-controlled data acquisition and processing software for TDS
  • Load Lock chamber for two PTS sample holders
  • Reliable and fast linear transferring system from load-lock to TPD chamber
  • 19“ cabinet for all electronic units
  • Adjustable rigid mainframe with large wheels for easy placement of the system



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