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UHV Analytical Systems

UHV Analytical Systems

Henniker Scientific UHV Anaytical System XPS UPS MultichamberThe UHV ESCA system is one example of many systems that have been designed to exact customer specifications. This specific UHV analytical system is dedicated for the investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces in wide temperature and pressure ranges by different methods under very well controlled conditions.


The system designed for investigations and modifications of solid surfaces by XPS/UPS methods under very well controlled conditions. The base pressure in the analytical chambers is < 5x10-11 mbar.

  • Multifunctional analytical chamber integrates different measurement methods like standard ESCA, AES, ISS and UPS. A high precision, 5 axes manipulator ensures very good positioning of the sample and is equipped with cryostat for LN2 and a heater for cooling and heating of the sample in a very wide temperature range. The chamber is fabricated from mu metal, equipped with hemispherical analyzer and a range of analytical equipment including ion source, electron source, flood gun, monochromatic X-ray source, non-monochromatic X-ray sorce and UV source. The system is designed to easily allow future expansion and upgrade.
  • Two level preparation chamber, equipped with LEED, TDS, ion source, electron beam evaporator, mechanical surface cleaner, and many ports which can be used for future preparation or evaporation devices. The temperature on the sample depends on the sample holders and can vary from -180°C to 2000°C.
  • Distribution Chamber for transferring sample holders to individual chambers connected on the circumference.
  • Cleaver chamber for cleaving the samples mounted in suitable sample holder.
  • High pressure chamber for heating up to 650°C and cooling the sample in controlled gas atmosphere under pressure to 2 MPa
  • Load lock chamber prepared for dust samples pumping, with internal bakeout system.
  • Sample park chamber for 6 sample holders.

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