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UHV-HP Atomic Force Microscopy Analytical System

UHV-HP Atomic Force Microscopy System

UHV-HP AFM platform is a unique analysis system for Atomic Force Microscopy working in a wide pressure range. It is focused on a highly flexible sample environment, dedicated for use in frontier research on gas-solid interfaces. The System is equipped with a fast entry load-lock and preparation chamber.

Henniker scientific prevac project 504 tribometer systemAFM System features:

  • AFM chamber - made of stainless steel, with connecting flanges in different size for current and further equipment. Operational pressure range from 1 atm to UHV (after bakeout at 150 ºC),
  • Special sliding rails for AFM module to facilitate service access to the microscope,
  • Load Lock chamber allows for loading and stores up to 4 flag style sample holders and 4 cantilevers (tips),
  • Two-level preparation chamber with a 4-axes manipulator (with integrated quartz balance and heating possibility up to 1000 °C),
  • Preparation chamber equipped with Electron Beam Evaporator EBV 40A1 and Ion Source IS 40C1 for sample surface cleaning,
  • Special design pumping system - vibration isolation of fore vacuum and turbomolecular pump,
  • Deposition rate measurement system TMC13 and Sample Heating Power Supply HEAT3-PS to control and stabilize the sample temperature,
  • Whole pumping & gas dosing systems are controlled by PLC controller,
  • User-friendly linear transferring system


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