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Laser heating

Laser heaters

Laser heating for UHV and HP applications.

Laser Beam

The laser beam is guided by fibre optics close to the sample holder. The temperature of the sample can be controlled by close loop Heat 3-PS solution. Temperature measurement is provided by thermocouple or pyrometer, temperature up to 1800k.

Laser Source

The compact sized laser source is a fast and effective sample heater with positioner. The source is powered and controlled by the Heat 3-PS Power Supply.


  • UHV spectroscopy systems
  • UHV deposition systems
  • Ambient pressure spectroscopy system (e.g. HPXPS)
  • Ambient pressure deposition systems (e.g. PLD)
  • Laser Source
  • Laser Beam
  • Laser Source
  • Laser Beam


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