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UHV Sample Manipulators

UHV Sample Manipulators

Henniker Scientific UHV Sample Manipulator

UHV manipulators. Manual and motorized versions with sample bias, heating and cryo-cooling options.

Our UHV manipulators are available with any combination of X, Y, Z travel and R1, R2 and R3 rotations. Any movement axis can be either manually operated or motorized under full computer control.

Why our UHV Manipulators are better

Our range of UHV manipulators deliver superb long term performance and accuracy with an unprecedented range of configuration options and at the lowest prices in the industry. Note that many UHV manipulators only have +/- 180 degree rotation in the R2 axis (see diagrams below) whereas our instruments have full continuous 360 degree rotation.

Each UHV manipulator is configured with the PTS sample holder receiving station which can be used with a wide range of heating, cooling and electrical bias options.



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