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9103 USB Picoammeter

Rugged, portable, affordable, and ASCII programmable, RBD's 9103 USB Picoammeter measures bi-polar DC current from picoamps to milliamps. It can be biased with an optional built-in fixed +90V DC bias, or your own low-noise DC power supply.

Data Logging and graphing software is included for Microsoft Windows. The 9103 is compatible w/ OSx, Linux, Matlab, and LabView, and can be controlled via a simple ASCII interface.

The 9103 works well in noisy environments. It was designed for measuring electron and ion beams as well as diode and IC I/V characterization. The 9103 is multi-channel capable - up to 127 can be synchronized.

The 9103 is Now Available in Four Configurations:

  • Standard: sample rate 40 reads/second
  • High-speed: sample rate 500 reads/second
  • High-voltage: sample rate 40 reads/second, floats up to 5 kV DC *
  • High-speed / High-Voltage: sample rate 500 reads/second, floats up to 5 kV DC *

Two Bias Options are available on the Standard and High-speed Models:

  • +90 V Fixed
  • External: BNC bias input

* High-voltage supply provided by user.
* Bias options not available with high-voltage version


henniker scientific RBD Instrument 9103 hv picoammeter

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DC Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS

All adjustable parameters are displayed on the large TFT display with touchscreen. All settings can be manually adjusted or can be stored and recalled automatically after unit switch on. The unit also features a built-in timer and automatic standby mode. Unit can be remotely controlled via one of available analog or digital interfaces.

  • Easy to extend power up to 1200 W/1800 W/2400 W with additional modules
  • Switch mode for 3 magnetron sources with shutters
  • Adjustable limits of voltage, current and power separately for each output
  • Multiple I/O - individual programmable
  • Vacuum measurements (support for active vacuum gauges)
  • Thickness and evaporation rate measurements (support for Thickness Monitors TM13 /14)
  • Mass Flow Controller support


  • Henniker Scientific Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS
  • Henniker Scientific Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS2
  • Henniker Scientific Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PSE
  • Henniker Scientific Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS
  • Henniker Scientific Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PS2
  • Henniker Scientific Magnetron Power Supply M600DC-PSE

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Pulsed DC Magnetron Power Supply PPS20

The PPS20 is a versatile dual source power supply combining DC and PulseDC operating modes available for R&D coating & cleaning applications. It can control up to two sources which may be any combination of compact magnetron sputter heads or glow discharge heads. Sputter sources can even be positioned in separate chambers.

The PPS20 is only 2U height and also features a vacuum gauge interlock. It can be used as a standalone table-top device or rack-mounted.
Remote control is possible via RS232, RS485 or LAN/Ethernet interface and a remote mobile application are currently under development. This unique future allows the user to observe the plasma whilst adjusting the source parameters with a handheld mobile device.
Low-Ripple Noise Technology, the elimination of high-voltage transistor switching using resonant converter technology and current-diversion circuits, results in superior reliability as well as excellent process performance in the form of high output-voltage consistency.
Arc Detection and Suppression are guaranteed by a fast response loop in less than 2 us.
  • Coating for moulds and tools
  • Semiconductor wafer sputtering
  • Oxide TFT LCD & Colour filter
  • OLED LTPS sputter metal & TCO deposition
  • Thin film for solar cells
  • ITO deposition for touch panels
  • BIPV, data storage, FCCL
  • Automotive wheels and head lamps
  • Ion nitriding
  • Mobile phone cases
  • Pulse Magnetron Power Supply PPS20
  • Pulse Magnetron Power Supply PPS20 Software
  • PPS20 PowerCurve1
  • Pulse Magnetron Power Supply PPS20
  • Pulse Magnetron Power Supply PPS20 Software
  • PPS20 PowerCurve1

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Vacuum Chamber VCH-10 LED Lighting

Henniker Scientific Vacuum Chamber Highlight VCH 10 prevacThe VCH-10 is the perfect accessory for illuminating sample areas, movement regions and source/accessory positions within a UHV system. It combines a very high brightness, long lifetime yet very low power LED illumination source with a compact power supply that can be operated from a handheld remote controller or directly from a PC.

The controller as standard can power up to 10 LEDs, either single or double types, and each source is connected via a generous USB standard cable. Just one or all 10 channels can be connected and used at once.

Individual LEDs may also be powered from a standard computer USB port.

  • Low Power: just 40W with all 10 channels in use
  • High Intensity: 185 lumens
  • Long Lifetime: >100,000 hours per LED
  • Longer lifetime, same brightness


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Research Unit Digital Instrument RUDI-EA2

Henniker Scientific RUDI EA2 Research Digital UnitRUDI-EA2 is a novel, modular high voltage power supply for photoemission and other demanding research applications. The electronics features fully calibrated, independently operating modules utilising the very latest electronics and software technology.

Voltage supplies are controlled by high precision 16-bit digital-to-analog converters with high linearity and extremely high temperature stability. Automatic low and high voltage range settings, as well as output polarity, are under full user control.

The combined high specifiation and system flexibility makes RUDI-EA2 the obvious choice for many analysis applications, where stable, high voltage supplies are required and can also be readily configured by the end user.

Each RUDI-EA2 unit is supplied with a comprehensive serial communication protocol description which can be easily implemented for individual control needs, thus removing the reliance on specific, often prohibitive supplier software.

As the demand for smarter, connected technologies increases, PREVAC provides the best in class electronic solutions. The electronic mainboard of the RUDI-EA2 system is a showcase for the best in active digital and analog electronic components currently on the market.


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