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Vacuum Chamber LED Lights

Vacuum Chamber VCH-10 LED Lighting

Henniker Scientific Vacuum Chamber Highlight VCH 10 prevacThe VCH-10 is the perfect accessory for illuminating sample areas, movement regions and source/accessory positions within a UHV system. It combines a very high brightness, long lifetime yet very low power LED illumination source with a compact power supply that can be operated from a handheld remote controller or directly from a PC.

The controller as standard can power up to 10 LEDs, either single or double types, and each source is connected via a generous USB standard cable. Just one or all 10 channels can be connected and used at once.

Individual LEDs may also be powered from a standard computer USB port.

  • Low Power: just 40W with all 10 channels in use
  • High Intensity: 185 lumens
  • Long Lifetime: >100,000 hours per LED
  • Longer lifetime, same brightness


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Other Features

  • Perfect for illuminating single or multiple regions of a UHV system.
  • Low Power: just 50W with all 10 channels in use
  • Two wavelength light source: Pure & Warm White
  • High Intensity: 105 lumens per LED
  • Long Lifetime: >100,000 hours per LED
  • Pulsed Power: Longer lifetime, same brightness
  • RoHS Compliant

Each set contains:

  • 10 channel power supply
  • Remote handheld controller
  • 1 x single LED for DN-35-CF window mount
  • 1 x double LED for DN-63-CF to DN-200-CF window mount

(further LEDs can be purchased separately) 
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