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Vacuum System Controllers

Vacuum system controller PCU16

Henniker Scientific Vacuum System Controller PCU16 prevacThe PCU16 Power Control Unit is a compact, standalone microprocessor device for controlling a complete HV/UHV vacuum system. It can support one ultra-high vacuum pump
(e. g. turbo molecular pump, ion pump, cryo pump, etc.), electromagnetic vent valve, electromagnetic safety valve, fore vacuum pump and two vacuum gauges based on the 0..10V output standard.

Wide range of gauges are implemented: ITR90, ITR100, PTR90/225/237, CTR90/91, TTR90, TTR211/216, MKS870B Baratron, PG105 (depend of choosed channel). The PCU16 displays the state of all of the connected peripheral devices on a large 7” TFT LCD touchscreen, providing clear readouts of important system parameters to the user. The unit comprises several interlocks to protect the vacuum system in the event of power loss or in the case that a pump or other device might fail. Five different and most popular configurations are implemented on the delivered unit. Customers can choose one of these fixed configurations and set it as the default display.

The unit can be fully software controlled with the optional software application.


  • Control of any high and ultra high vacuum system
  • Measurement of ultimate pressure
  • Bakeable and non-bakeable systems
  • Control and automation of pump down cycle
  • Control and automation of venting cycle

The PCU16 has an externally attached UPS ensuring full control and protection of the vacuum system even on power failure. It is available with full dedicated software application or library module.


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